We Provide The Best Sushi in The Woodlands

Synonymous with delicious taste, Sapporo represents the best of what sushi has to offer. Our mission is to prepare the most attractive and delicious sushi that you’ve ever had. In this way, we are striving to be the best restaurant in The Woodlands.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey into sushi or you have been traveling down this road for some time and have become an avid connoisseur, Sapporo Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar has everything that you’ll ever need to become a immersed in the culture of sushi. Welcome home.


Interestingly, Sushi has dramatically evolved over the course of time. A famous tale precedes our current understanding of sushi today. In the second century, A.D., rice wrapped fish was used as a preservation instrument instead of an accompaniment to the fish. Raw fish was placed in rice and allowed time to ferment, allowing for the fish to be kept edible for some time. When ready, the individual discarded of the rice and consumed the fish.


This method moved throughout the Chinese culture and eventually found home on the shores of Japan. Once on the island, the tradition evolved from that of a preservation method to an essential part of the delicacy.